The Process of Architectural Approval


Building a house or carrying out any other construction involves detailed planning before construction even begins. To ensure that the building is in capable hands one needs to a point responsible people as well as know what the whole process actually involves

How is the process carried out?


This step begins with a brief where an ever-changing document is agreed upon by the architect and the client. This is where the client communicates their plans, requirements, plans and other ambitions for the project. The client should ideally document their ideas using imageries and a list of what they want in the project.  But pre-design doesn’t just end here as it will also include an on-site visit where site conditions, design opportunities, constraints and such will be assessed. Regulations and consultants will also be approached.

Existing Drawings

Pre-design is a huge process which also involved the land survey of the site in question along with the documentation of present buildings using existing drawings as well as photography. All these are then used as the basis for the concept design.

Concept design

Here is where the deal involved big ideas and possible potential involving the site. During this phase, architectural and spatial planning is carried out through hand-drawn sketches and rough models. It is also a preparation for the external consultants who contribute to the project like planners, engineers, consultants, landscape architects and such. During this stage, materials are also selected and the preparation begins for a preliminary estimation of costs incurred.

Design development

After an agreement is reached on the concept of the construction, the design is then refined to accommodate feedback from previous stages as well as from specialists. These developments result in very detailed CAD drawings which include sections, plans, and elevations. Along with this, material sample boards are developed too. This allows for more clarity that helps in giving a feel of the construction along with coordinating an estimate of the cost.

Planning application

This stage involves dealing with all the statutory authority requirements for the project. Clients and authorities are coordinated for a formal submission and it involves plans, diagrams, studies, reports, documentation and other relevant information.

Construction documentation

This stage involves planning for the construction design which will involve elevations, sections, materials, plans along with schedules and other details to get construction approval. It might also be possible to use their recommendations to get a contractor.

Construction administration

The construction administration of the project will involve determining the contractor for the project. A good architecturally firm will help negotiate between the owner and the contractor as well. Once construction begins. There will be site meetings at periodic intervals which will be useful in assessing and reporting the cost, progress and time to the owner.

Where are these firms found?

Architects in north shore are available and so are in other places. Architectural firms are found locally as well.

Before engaging with any other form and finalizing a deal, one must do detailed background checks to ensure that they are legit and have been working steadily in the business. This will help ensure that you don’t get duped.