Boat trailers

Boat Trailers in Auckland are designed to withstand harsh weather and rough water conditions without any compromise on the easy unloading and loading process on the water’s edge. If you are a weekend traveler or an individual who uses their trailer all through the year, then choosing the best boat trailer in Auckland is the better options as you are sure to get the best brand that will get you faster, fund and without any anxieties.

Boat Trailers Auckland is famous for providing the strong and durable boat trailers that have the capacity to handle the strenuous conditions, including weather and saltwater. It is a fact that you place the boat trailer immersed in a saltwater and mud all through the year. Also, the best boat trailers offer strong hull support at the water’s edge. The strong and long-lasting Galvanized & Aluminum frames are the strongest trailers that are available on the market with outstanding durability and rust resistance. The advanced and strong components protect and secure your crafts at all conditions.

Galvanized Single Axle Bunk 16 ′:

The Galvanized V-Bunk is the best and elite model that offers outstanding corrosion resistance and strength and comes with a classic and relaxed bunk design.  This strong steel frame features original tubular built that hides brake lines and wiring from damage and offers a modernized traditional look. The set and forget design of the bunks make this trailer the popular one as it provides amazing hull support.

The trailers contain stylish graphic accents and fenders and available with a lot of options, including a carrier, spare tire, tongue jack, or aluminum wheels.  It is a heavy-duty and tough trailer that will offer years of service and durability

Galvanized Single Axle Bunk 17′:

This strong single axle 17′ bunk trailer offers amazing hull support and effortless loading, launching, and hauling for boats for 20 feet length boats.  The heavy-duty and durable galvanized steel frame can withstand mud, salt, and harsh water without rusting for several years. The original tubular design offers extra strength and in this model also you hide the brake lines and wiring and protects from getting damaged during transport. In this model also the included the set and forget feature in the design to enhance the performance of the trailer on the water.  The graphics accents and fenders will offer long life to the trailer and reliable performance.

5-Starr Aluminum Single Axle Roller:

This Boat Trailer in Auckland comes with AR roller features and it has an original I-Beam frame that offers durability and exceptional strength in rust-free aluminum structure with light-weight. The frame also protects the wiring & brake lines from damage. The boat trailer frame also includes toggle channels for fender and axle and reduces the nasty U-Bolts spanning the frame.

The patented TPR (Thermal Plasticized Rubber) rollers are durable and soft and protect hulls from getting damage on the road. The roller system also offers the most outstanding hull support and about this feature, there is a lot of discussions happened in the industry.