Tip’s in applying Fake Nails.

How do you like your fingernails to look like?  Many people dreamt of having long nails. But, because of some constraints, they were not able to that.  Maybe because of hygiene and other reasons, or maybe other people stopped them from doing that.  It’s still like a taboo to have a long nail, regularly. So, at present, you will only see long nailed individuals in shows and celebrations.  You can only see this in show business.


Here are tips for applying fake nails.

  1. Clear your nails from any other polish. It is very important that your nail is clear from any other polish from the earlier application. Your nail must be freshly washed.
  2. Soaking your nails in warm water to soften it and the skin around it.
  3. Neaten means expanding the surface of the nail. It is done by pushing the hanging skin in your fingernails.
  4. Cutting your nails shorter and keep it neat. This will not allow them to come out from the fake nail.
  5. Filing the edge of your nails to make round. Square nails will expose some of the nails outside the fake nails.
  6. Your nail size must be exactly the same as the fake nail size.
  7. Secure it and put a drop of glue in the lower half of the fake nail. Hold it in place.


Where to buy fake nails online?

Fake nails are fashion material and you can buy it anywhere. It is available in all leading fashion store in the market today.  It can be easily obtained as there are no restrictions on it.  You can also buy it online. Just search the internet and there are many companies offering a different kind of fake nails.  They are available in different colors and sizes and they vary in their rates.


Types of fake nails:

Here are some types of fake nails available in the market that you can choose too.

  • Acrylic nails
  • Crystal nails
  • Gel nails
  • Powder nails
  • Press on nails
  • Silk wrap nails

These are the types of nails that you can choose to.  It all depends on the type of nails that you wanted. Choose the type, that fits your nails or finger right.  It will also depend on your taste in style.  So getting the best type is all up to you.


Fake nails are there to keep you look good during parties and important events.  It is also a good material for entertainment purposes.  They will be a tool in faking your personality. It is also made of different materials and it is a factor in determining its price.


Is fake nail for you?

It can be for you if you want it. The fake nail is just a tool for having fun.  It is not permanent and it is easy to remove.  Using a fake nail is not a big deal. It’s just a fad and just like any fashion, it will pass away.


After all, you can just remove it, wash your hands and it’s gone.