5 Vet Care Every Pet Parent Must Know

Unless your dog refuses to eat or drink, most pet parents wouldn’t be alarmed enough to bring them to a veterinarian. Hence, it is important that you watch out for your dog for any possible illness that had attacked him. Here are the following vet care tips every pet parent must know about.


  1. Regular physical exams

You can monitor your pet’s health by taking him to a regular physical examination. Your veterinarian will be able to determine if there are signs or symptoms that may lead to an illness you should be aware. Most of the time, animals tend to hide the symptoms of their illness. Their pet owners will only discover they’ve been suffering in the later stage when they can no longer eat or play actively before.


  1. Observe your pet closely

Animals also feel pain just like we do. However, they can’t tell us where and why they are hurting. Most of them will only sleep to induce the pain and will try to act normal as much as they can. That being said, you must observe your pet closely. If your dog is pushing food around his bowl or refuses to have evening walks with you anymore, he must be suffering from something.


  1. No to human medications

Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and other over the counter medication that you can buy are extremely dangerous to your pet. Hence, make sure that you keep them out of these medications. Do not give them any medication that is not prescribed by your veterinarian. If your pet starts acting up again, it is best to call your veterinarian and ask for any possible painkillers that could relieve them from the pain.


  1. Pay attention to their teeth

Even if your dog’s teeth are hurting, if you give him food, he will most likely to wolf it down just like he always did. However, you must pay attention to their teeth. Any decaying teeth will also cause them pain. Once it’s removed, you will notice the sudden energy in your pet that you have never witnessed before. Visit your veterinarian for your dog’s regular dental check-ups.


  1. Watch out for mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not only dangerous to humans. They also pose a threat to your pet. Heartworm disease is most common in dogs nowadays. Even in winter, your pet is still at risk for this kind of diseases. However, you can prevent the worst cases by simply bringing your pet to the vet clinic and injecting preventative medication every month. Keep your pet protected, especially if he likes playing outdoors where mosquitoes can easily bite them.


Your dog will always be with you and will opt to comfort you as much as they can. You can only return their unconditional love by making sure that they are healthy and they make the most of their senior years. Hence, keep the aforementioned vet care tips in mind. It can lengthen the lifespan of your beloved companion.