Some Benefits to Buy Time Clock and Its Types?


The time clock is an electrical device and accesses the particular employee’s fingerprints and collects their data. If in your business have some hourly employs then this clock really helps you. Because you can’t see every employee in and out time maybe they enter the wrong time. Here you will read some benefits of this clock and its types also.


Punch card clock

The punch card clock is the most common type of time clock and used for small business and it is easy to use. In this clock, the employees enter their time card into this punch card clock. After that, the machine starts the printing mechanism and then prints the exact time and date on the card. This machine is working in total work hours.

Digital clock

The digital card is a new version of the punch card clock. Instead of entering the time card, in this clock the employees insert the magnetic strip card. Through this magnetic strip the clock record all date and time of employees.

Fingerprint clock

The fingerprint clock is the best form of clock and has high security. Because of this clock employees, can’t do the fraud. The employees need to press their finger on the scanner and then the scanner read the fingerprints. If the machine matches the fingerprint from its record then it produces the sound ‘thank you’ sound. This clock eliminates to carry punch card and key card.

Hand punch clock

This is the same work as a fingerprint clock and here also you don’t need to the key card. For using hand punch clock you need to press your palm of your hand instead of finger.

Some benefits

  1. When you use this clock then you save your time. If your employees enter their time and date on any book then it takes time and sometimes they enter wrong information. Through this, the employees don’t do any kind of fraud and also save time.
  2. This clock collects all data of your employees and calculates it. This clock avoids the mistake that mostly people do while they calculate the attendance and make the salary.
  3. You can easily view the work hours of employees through this clock and make their attendance datasheet. This reduces the fraud.
  4. It is fair and removes the human element. It has no feelings for any employees; it calculates time, date, and hourly period, without indifference.
  5. It calculates the extra time of working if the employee does the job in extra time to working hours.
  6. You can easily see which employees give how much time in your office and what is their working time.
  7. The time clock makes the payroll according to your employee’s working hours without any mistake. You don’t need to pan and paper to calculate the wages of employees.
  8. If in your office you have any attendance issue of any employees then this clock alerts you.

So this is the article all about of types and benefits of a time clock.